6 Aldi products that customers say you should never buy

6 Aldi products that customers say you should never buy

Don’t worry: there are plenty of other items you should try.

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If you haven’t made a trip to the nearest Aldi yet, you’re in for a treat. Well… for the most part. Because even when it comes to grocery shopping, there are pros and cons to every store and experience. Fortunately, customers who visit the international, budget-friendly supermarket chain aren’t afraid to share their opinions on what to buy and also what to avoid.

From freshness and quality issues to smell and taste, these are the top items you should probably avoid on your next Aldi visit to ensure the most enjoyable and delicious shopping experience possible.

Aldi products that customers say should be avoided

1. Lobster Mac and Cheese

Topping the list for most disappointing and least tasty product is the frozen Lobster Mac and Cheese. More than one customer was put off by the smell and didn’t hesitate to share their thoughts in this Reddit thread. In addition to the overly fishy smell, the mac and cheese becomes slimy after a day, with an unpleasantly shiny and bubbly appearance. Many shoppers say this is the first item they have ever returned to Aldi, taking advantage of the refund from the store’s quality promise. All this being said, the seafood mac and cheese is one item we recommend skipping on your next shopping trip.

2. Alfredo sauce

Being referred to as “unusable” is not a good look for Aldi’s creamy Alfredo sauce. Other, slightly less harsh, customers say that the taste isn’t necessarily bad, but that the Parmesan cheese simply tastes overpowering and artificial, especially with a lack of garlic flavor to balance out the flavor. In addition to the taste, customers complain that Aldi’s Alfredo has the consistency of bottled salad dressing, rather than the luscious and creamy texture the sauce is known for. However, one very optimistic shopper thanked Aldi for inspiring them to make Alfredo sauce from scratch so they never have to buy it in store again.

3. Some fresh produce

The produce may be cheaper at Aldi, but those savings won’t make a big difference if the fruits and vegetables don’t stay fresh long enough for you to enjoy them. Aldi shoppers especially point out the short shelf life of fruits, such as berries, bananas and avocados. Some customers even claim that their strawberries went moldy in just one day. Several customers also complain that the vegetables only last a day before they become slimy, smelly and soft.

While certain products can sometimes be missed, customers say there are some hits. Longtime crowd favorites include baby bella mushrooms, Roma tomatoes, apples and citrus fruits, such as lemons and navel oranges. A common tip from shoppers is to dig for treasure: don’t settle for the top of the heap and look for the freshest items available.

4. Dill pickle spears

You might be wondering how a jar of pickles can go wrong, but according to Aldi shoppers, the store is really missing the mark here. In reading several disappointing reviews, we noticed a pattern: Customers complained that the dill pickles are way too salty, taste nothing like cucumbers, and lack the acidity and signature crunch of a good pickle. No one wants to bite into a mushy cucumber when they’re expecting a crunchy, salty pickle spear. Many shoppers even checked the expiration date on their jars, thinking they had opted for an old jar. It’s probably best to cross pickles off your list before shopping at Aldi. Plus, you can always make your own jar of homemade pickles.

5. Meats

From ‘slimy’ to ‘smelly’ to ‘soggy’, Aldi shoppers use a lot of not-so-appetizing adjectives to describe the store’s meat department. Not only is the texture a common problem, but many people find that the meats spoil quickly and taste extremely unnatural. This is especially true for ham and turkey. But don’t run away from the meats too quickly. Many customers are happy with the cheeses, both sliced ​​and in blocks, available in the meat department, and also recommend the salami.

6. Clancy’s nacho cheese flavored chips

Customers say they were extremely disappointed by the lack of flavor of these “fake Doritos.” That salty, rich, tangy nacho cheese dust you need when you bite into a nacho cheese-flavored chip is missing, leaving the snack bland and flavorless, according to Aldi shoppers. Many compare them to regular tortilla chips, which would be fine and good. if that’s what you were looking for! Others complain that the chips are too thick and unpalatable to nibble due to their hard texture.

If you’re open to other options, shoppers can highly recommend Aldi brand Kettle Chips, Pretzel Sticks, Benton’s Oreo Style Cookies, and Clancy’s Sour Cream & Onion Flavored Potato Chips to satisfy the craving for something crunchy, flavorful, and fun. . While you might want to skip these nacho cheese-flavored chips, there are plenty of other Aldi copycat items worth trying.

Not every item will be a hit, but Aldi has plenty of other products you should definitely try, including what customers say are the best items of all time.

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