Four Great Americans – A must-read for the 4th of July!

Four Great Americans – A must-read for the 4th of July!

From Amelia Earhart and Abraham Lincoln to Thomas Edison, more than twenty notable figures come back to life in a book that critics call “surprising and inspiring.” How do you celebrate the 4th of July?

(Isstories Editorial): – New York City, New York June 17, 2024 ( – Historic American icons come to life in a compelling interview book of ‘conversations’.

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  • Four Great Americans – A must-read for the 4th of July!
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Stories for the 4th of July

Carefully examined by Dr. Charles Margerison and the Amazing People Worldwide team, ‘Amazing Americans’ allows readers to sit next to some of America’s most inspiring and iconic characters and hear them tell their stories as they have never been told before.

What makes Amazing Americans so great is the dual focus on biography and the unique lessons learned by each individual. The result is a revolutionary dialogue and style that will captivate and inform readers about much more than just the historical facts about these selected great individuals: it offers an immersive experience that takes into account the fundamental attitudes and roots of success that elevate each individual above the ordinary .

The people who shaped America

‘Great Americans’ allows readers to become intimately acquainted with the men and women who shaped what can only be described as one of the world’s most innovative countries.

Would you like to meet Abraham Lincoln and have a conversation about his life and career? Can you imagine what George Washington would have said if he had been interviewed about his achievements? Would you like to discover how Amelia Earhart, the famous aviation pioneer, broke many speed and travel records and inspired people around the world? Gain unique insights into the lives of some of the great people who shaped the United States of America.

Could the past be the key to unity and the American dream?

This patriotic collection of short biographical stories, all told in the first person by educational psychologist Dr. Charles Margerison, explores the life stories of characters such as Thomas Edison, Madam Walker, Anne Burras, Percy Julian, Benjamin Franklin, and Harriet Tubman.

“This book comes at a pivotal time in the history of the United States,” the author explains. “Amazing Americans shows the inspiring life stories that formed the basis of the American Dream.”

Continuing: “The past is the key to the future. These stories can inspire and shape future generations, making for fascinating reading.”

Readers love learning about great Americans

The first reviews were impressive. For example, Rosie notes, “Amazing Americans is a good starting point for anyone interested in American history. It includes people I had never heard of, like Anne Burras, one of the founding fathers of America’s colonial era – her story was surprising and inspiring. I enjoyed all the people in the book.”

Nick Haynes adds: “Another great book from the Amazing People series. I liked that each individual’s story came from a different period in history, almost like a timeline from the beginning of the American colonists to modern times. There are people from all different backgrounds present, each with a real story. I think this book will appeal to anyone interested in America and its founding fathers, as well as anyone who just likes things interesting and packed with facts.”

‘Amazing Americans’ is now available on Amazon HERE.

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About the author

Dr. Charles Margerison, president and founder of Amazing People Worldwide, is a psychologist. He is also chairman of Amazing People Schools. Dr. Margerison has provided extensive advice to major organizations in the field of organizational and educational psychology. He was previously professor of management at Cranfield University, UK, and the University of Queensland, Australia. He founded Amazing People Worldwide in 2006 and is supported by a dedicated global team. He was previously a co-founder Emerald PublicationsAnd Team management systems and has written more than 30 books. Dr. Charles is also the creator of ‘Can Do Kids Band’, a virtual music group that helps students learn about countries and cultures through music. He also developed Imagineland, for beginning students. You can follow him on LinkedIn.