Fahmi Fadzil: Cooking oil prices remain low and eggs drop by 3 sen thanks to abolition of diesel blanket subsidy

Fahmi Fadzil: Cooking oil prices remain low and eggs drop by 3 sen thanks to abolition of diesel blanket subsidy

The abolition of the blanket diesel subsidy in favor of a targeted subsidy mechanism has been all the headlines in Malaysia lately, following the rakyat‘s concerns that its removal would cause a domino effect, resulting in a rise in prices for goods and services.

In a bid to allay such fears, Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil has assured that the abolition of the diesel blanket subsidy will not impact the mainstream economy. rakyatsay that the prices of goods are guaranteed and that individuals can still benefit from subsidies in the form of cash support.

“What does the government do with the money?”

Fahmi Fadzil No Nye celebration

Minister of Communications Fahmi Fadzil

Through his official

“If the diesel subsidy for the ultra-rich and smugglers is abolished, what will the government do with the money saved?”

In response to the above question, the Minister of Communications said this the government will return the money saved by the abolition of the general diesel subsidy to the rakyat.

There are three ways in which the money saved is returned to the rakyat

Minjak Diesel

As an example

He then listed three ways in which the money saved from the complete elimination of subsidies would be returned to the people, Firstly, companies can still enjoy diesel subsidies at the previous price by using Fleet Cards.

Then Fahmi said that private individuals will also still be able to benefit from diesel subsidies through the BUDI MADANI cash supportwhich earns eligible Malaysians RM2,400 per year or RM200 per month.

Finally, the Minister of Communications emphasized this for ordinary citizens The savings resulting from the complete abolition of diesel subsidies ensure that the prices of essential goods remain under control.

Fahmi then referred to the good news from Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who announced that egg prices have risen by 3 sen. have declined.

Figure 49

Moreover, the Communications Minister also attached an image showing three essential goods and claimed that their prices remained low due to the savings resulting from the abolition of the blanket diesel subsidy.

The articles include:

  • Palm oil cooking oil 5kg – RM30.90 (leftover)
  • Palm oil cooking oil 1kg – RM6.90 (leftover)
  • Grade A eggs – 42 sen (down 3 sen)
  • Grade B eggs – 40 sen (down 3 sen)
  • Grade C eggs – 38 sen (3 sen lower)

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