Elon Musk announces work on Tesla’s ‘epic’ Master Plan 4

Elon Musk announces work on Tesla’s ‘epic’ Master Plan 4

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The first Tesla Master Plan was unveiled by Musk in 2006

What’s the story

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has confirmed that he is currently working on the fourth version of the company’s Master Plan.

He made this announcement on X, stating that “it will be epic.”

This continues a tradition of laying out Tesla’s future goals and strategies through these Master Plans, which have been instrumental in guiding the company’s trajectory since the first one was released in 2006.

A look at Tesla’s past master plans

The first Tesla Master Plan, unveiled by Musk in 2006, set ambitious goals for the then-nascent electric vehicle company.

It included creating a sports car, an affordable car and providing zero-emission options for electric power generation.

Ten years later, in 2016, Musk introduced ‘Master Plan, Part Deux’, with the aim of expanding the range of electric vehicles to all major segments and achieving ‘true self-driving’.

Tesla’s progress in self-driving vehicles

As part of the second Master Plan, Tesla began “trial production” of its semi-heavy electric trucks in 2022 and launched its Cybertruck late last year.

The plan also envisioned a future where Tesla drivers could sleep, read or engage in other activities en route to their destinations.

This would be made possible by renting out their autonomous vehicles when not in use. A Full Self Driving option is now available, but the system is not fully autonomous.

Musk’s third master plan emphasized environmental goals

The most recent Master Plan, unveiled by Musk in 2023, outlined major environmental goals. These include adding renewable energy to the existing power grid, producing more electric vehicles, and building planes and boats that are sustainably powered. Musk also stated that mass production of the Cybertruck would begin in 2024.