7 Key macOS 15 Sequoia Features Revealed

7 Key macOS 15 Sequoia Features Revealed

macOS 15 Sequoia

Apple’s latest operating system, macOS 15 Sequoia, offers a host of major updates and improvements to improve user experience and increase productivity. The video below from ZONEofTECH walks us through a series of new features for the Mac. Let’s take a look at the seven key features that make macOS 15 Sequoia a compelling upgrade for Mac users.

Native window tiles for efficient multitasking

One of the most notable additions to macOS 15 Sequoia is native support for window tiles. This feature allows you to efficiently manage multiple windows by placing them in predefined areas on your screen. Using intuitive keyboard shortcuts, you can quickly tile windows and create a well-organized workspace that enables smooth multitasking.

It’s worth noting that some users may encounter scaling issues with certain apps, but Apple is actively working to address these issues to ensure a seamless experience for all users.

Seamless iPhone continuity

macOS 15 Sequoia takes the integration between your Mac and iPhone to the next level with the introduction of iPhone Continuity. This feature allows you to do that stream and control your iPhone directly from your Mac, eliminating the need to constantly switch devices. iPhone Continuity proves especially useful for social media posting and analysis, as it lets you manage your iPhone apps seamlessly from your Mac.

The improved connection between your Mac and iPhone not only increases productivity, but also creates a more cohesive user experience across Apple’s ecosystem.

AI-powered advanced writing tools

For users who regularly perform writing tasks, macOS 15 Sequoia introduces advanced writing tools that harness the power of artificial intelligence. These tools help with that summarizing, rewriting and proofreading text, allowing you to produce high-quality content more efficiently. However, it is important to note that these AI-powered features require an M1 Mac or newer to function.

Using AI technology, macOS 15 Sequoia lets you streamline your writing process, saving you valuable editing time and improving the overall quality of your work. This feature is especially useful for professionals who need to deliver polished content under tight deadlines.

Powerful and accurate Spotlight search

Spotlight search, a beloved feature among Mac users, gets a significant upgrade in macOS 15 Sequoia. The improved search functionality provides more powerful and precise results, thanks to improved cross-referencing capabilities. Whether you’re searching for files, emails, or web content, the updated Spotlight ensures you find the information you need quickly and accurately.

This is possible with the improved Spotlight search function navigate the contents of your Mac more efficientlysaving you time and effort in locating specific items.

Personalize your video calls

macOS 15 Sequoia introduces customizable video call backgrounds for FaceTime and other video conferencing apps. You can now personalize your virtual meetings by choosing from a variety of options, including solid colors, landscapes, or your own custom photos. This feature adds a touch of professionalism and creativity to your video calls, making them more engaging and visually appealing.

  • Choose from solid colors, landscapes or custom photos
  • Personalize your video calls according to your style or mood
  • Improve the visual appeal and engagement of virtual meetings

Customizable Safari Reader mode

The Safari web browser in macOS 15 Sequoia is getting an improvement to Reading Mode, making it more noticeable and configurable. You can now automatically enable reading mode on specific websites, ensuring a distraction-free reading experience tailored to your preferences. This tweak allows you to focus on the content that matters most, without the clutter of ads or unnecessary elements.

Streamlining your browsing experience, enhanced Safari Reader Mode helps you stay focused and engaged on the content you care about.

Increased gaming experience

For gaming enthusiasts, macOS 15 Sequoia brings good news with improved gaming support. The update includes improved graphics settings for Apple Silicon Macs and a better game porting toolkit. Thanks to these improvements, you can enjoy it AAA game titles with better performance and visualsmaking macOS a more attractive platform for gamers.

With enhanced gaming support, macOS 15 Sequoia delivers a richer and more immersive gaming experience, meeting the growing demand for high-quality games on the Mac platform.

macOS 15 Sequoia introduces a wide range of features and improvements that meet different user needs and preferences. From the productivity-boosting window tiles and iPhone continuity to the AI-powered writing tools and improved Spotlight search, these updates aim to streamline your workflow and improve your overall Mac experience. With customizable backgrounds for video calls, a more configurable Safari reader mode, and better gaming support, macOS 15 Sequoia proves to be a versatile and powerful operating system that adapts to the diverse needs of its users.

Source and image credits: ZONEofTECH

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