Parents are worried as daughter refused to write UPSC exam as she was late

Parents are worried as daughter refused to write UPSC exam as she was late

The UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) conducted the Civil Services (Preliminary) exam on June 16. Many students appeared for the exams from various centers across the country.

The first session started at 9am. And since most exams have certain rules and regulations, being on time is one of the most important. A recent video shared from the exam day is doing rounds online on

Her parents had accompanied her to the exam and after she was not allowed to write the exam, they started to panic and cry. You see her mother unconscious and says ‘naa jaungi’ (I’m not leaving).

In the video, the parents were seen restless and worried, but the candidate was calm and reassured her parents by saying, ‘koi baat nahi. Papa hum agli baar de denge. Kuch aisi baat nahi hai’ (don’t worry, it’s no big deal. I can appear next year).

The video, which has since been posted, has generated a flood of comments.

“Respect for his daughter being strong in this condition,” said one user.

Another wrote: ‘Heartbreaking to see her mother like this but the girl should have been more careful.

The staff is bound by a strict protocol. Any gaps here and there could jeopardize the entire process.”

“Maybe they got stuck while traveling, so they couldn’t arrive on time. But the rules are the same for everyone. The question is: are the rules really followed everywhere and for everyone?” wrote a third.

“Being a good UPSC candidate, she did not lose her cool seeing her mother crying but was sad for the crying aunt,” said a fourth.

“Even when I went for the exam yesterday, they let me in after 9am too. But in some colleges it depends on the type of principal present. He admitted candidates till 9.25am and then closed the gate. He was nice ” said a fifth. .

Published June 18, 2024, 11:55 am IST