Fresno Bee launches new edition

Fresno Bee launches new edition

Fresno Bee journalists work to bring you the best news and opinions about our region and the people who live here.

We’re reaching more readers than ever across delivery platforms – from our website, app and email newsletters to our print newspaper.

Today I’m excited to introduce a new and improved digital experience: the Fresno Bee’s Edition. I invite you to explore this daily online product at, created exclusively for you by journalists who care about this city and region as much as you do.

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As we continue to move from print to digital, many subscribers have embraced the electronic version of our newspaper, which arrives in inboxes early every morning. Readers have shared feedback about that product and things they wish were different. We listened to you and developed solutions.

The first thing you need to know about Edition is that it is not a replica of our printed paper. It offers much more.

But it does have a look that newspaper fans will love, and it’s still curated by us with local news and information on the food and events that matter most to you, followed by national and lifestyle stories in different sections.

The edition is also free from deadline restrictions that can often make printing feel out of date.

An immersive and intuitive digital platform, Edition is a new reader experience designed with you in mind. Consider this a “Best of The Bee” edition where every day we share the must-see stories, videos, photos and other content you can’t find anywhere else.

We also want to help you learn to use Edition and all our digital platforms. We will be holding meetings where Bee journalists will be present to help you use this exciting new interactive platform and answer any questions you may have. Dates and times will be announced soon.

Here are some highlights of the edition:

  • Responsive tabs and quick access to section navigation.
  • Story links in articles that allow you to delve deeper into what you’re reading.
  • The ability to watch videos and browse photo galleries that visually enrich your reading journey.
  • Interactive puzzles and games that you don’t have to print to enjoy (although you can still do that if you want).
  • Improved features that make it easier to share your favorite articles.
  • Bold design and intuitive navigation that give you an enjoyable reading experience on all devices: desktop, laptop, phone and tablet.

The news you are looking for will be easier to access, easier to read, and easier to share with others. And let me repeat this, because it’s something I know readers are looking for: interactive puzzles.

How you get Edition remains the same. It will arrive in your email inbox every morning or you can click the link at the top left of the homepage at If you’re a subscriber who hasn’t yet activated your digital access, don’t miss out – visit

We encourage you to start your day with Edition and visit throughout the day to get the latest news. If you have any questions or feedback about Edition, please contact our customer service team at [email protected].

Edition is our latest innovation as we work every day to bring strong, independent and essential local news, across multiple platforms, to subscribers like you.

Christopher Kirkpatrick is editor-in-chief of the Fresno Bee.

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Christopher Kirkpatrick is editor-in-chief of the Fresno Bee. Before moving to Fresno, he served as Assistant Director of Content Development at Consumer Reports and Senior News Director at the Detroit Free Press.