Stanley Cup Final Preview: Edmonton Oilers vs. Florida Panthers Game 5 | 18/06/2024

Stanley Cup Final Preview: Edmonton Oilers vs.  Florida Panthers Game 5 |  18/06/2024

They live to play another La Bamba. But the Boston Celtics won the NBA championship and denied the Dallas Mavericks their chance to come back from a 3-0 deficit. I hope not too many hockey fans are superstitious.

The idea of ​​miraculously forcing a Game 7 is still the biggest mountain to climb if you just look at the mountain in front of you. Even if the Edmonton Oilers end up tying the series, no one should expect Sergei Bobrovsky to be pulled again. At the same time, I’ve never agreed with the idea that keeping score is poor sportsmanship. We’ve seen Edmonton blow away a multi-goal lead many times. They almost blew a 3-0 lead in Game 7 in Round 2, and I still remember New Year’s Eve of 2019 when they almost blew a 6-0 lead. You’re not going to score eight goals every night, but you’re never going to give your opponents the chance to make a comeback. Stuart Skinner was forced to dive after a 2v1 rush in the first period when his team was only 2-1 up. If it hadn’t been for that great save and if that shot had tied the game, it could have been Florida with all the momentum.

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A powerplay goal, a shorthanded goal and 6 5v5 goals, you like it. Leon Draisaitl finally got his name back on the box score with a pair of assists. Connor McDavid broke Wayne Gretzky’s record for most assists in a single postseason with 32, and the postseason isn’t over yet. Two years ago, Draisaitl himself broke a Gretzky record; the most assists in one series, and he did it while skating on one good foot. The Oilers have provided plenty of offense with their secondary players in this series, but there has been a lot of talk about their stars needing to get going. They did that, and we’ll see if it continues. It has to be, otherwise their season is over.

It wouldn’t have been a pretty sight for fans of the team about to be defeated in the Stanley Cup Finals. There is a video online of McDavid signing autographs from his car. He and his team know what’s at stake, but I thought that was a nice gesture to not seem upset. As he said before Game 4: “Just keep cheering, it’s not over until it’s over.” When they return to the Sunshine State, they must imagine hearing the cheers from afar. The keys to the game are…

Keep streaking: Of course the finals are different from the regular season, but since their coaching change they have good records after losing three in a row. From November 24 to December 12 they won 8 times in a row. From December 21 through January 27, they won their franchise record 16 straight games. And from February 26 to March 5, they won five in a row. Now that they’re down 3-1 in the series at this time of year, do they still have a long winning streak left in them?

Revival of the male advantage? The Oilers are 1/16 on the power play heading into Game 5, but ultimately tied at one in Game 4. Draisaitl’s patented one-timer from the side of the net found rope again. He didn’t score, but his shot went past the goalie and the puck was there for two others to bury the rebound. At a previous press you could see that Leon was wearing a bandage on his finger. Maybe that’s what’s diminishing his Playoff production lately. But either way, he needs to play through it and repeat the shot he’s always been so good at.

THEIR Game 7: The conspiracy coming out of nowhere that the Panthers purposely gave away Game 4 because they would rather win the Cup in front of their fans is bogus. While it’s more fun to do, teams can’t afford scheduled losses at any point in the Playoffs, especially in the Finals. But it is absolutely essential for them to wrap up the series for their fans now. We can expect a much greater effort from them tonight than on Saturday evening. If they don’t finish it, seeds of doubt can be planted in it. The Oilers will have no problem flying back to Edmonton if they get another big win.