Tillsonburg slo-pitch all-star shines in St. Thomas

Tillsonburg slo-pitch all-star shines in St. Thomas

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What a successful Saturday for the slo-pitch players who competed for Tillsonburg in the St Thomas All-Star event.

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Tillsonburg won two of three matches in the men’s division, while the two women’s teams earned a split. Tillsonburg won the team event in the A home run derby with extra hits, with Bryan Deblaire winning in a playoff.

This event was top-notch from start to finish, from the announcement of the starting lineups, with all sponsors recognized to score updates after each half-inning. Scott Johnson, Melanie Taylor and the committee are to be commended for their hard work and dedication.

The MVP in the Tier 2 Ladies game was Christine Phillips, while Tiara Graydon took home the honors in the other game.

The Men’s C Division was an exciting, high-scoring affair with the two teams scoring 51 runs between them.

Tillsonburg was by far the younger team with an outfield of 17-year-olds. Nate Peters and Micah Banman, teammates with the undefeated Bayham Construction Lumberjacks, each hit two home runs, but this team used its speed and flashy defense in the win.

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The B team had little trouble with the opponent giving them mercy with 23-5. Unlike the C squad, this team was an older and experienced team and the base beat the team to death. Dave Weaver and Chris Parker went 8-8 between the two, also scoring three points each.

The A-team didn’t do as well, but that could partly be attributed to the length of the home run derby beforehand. They just couldn’t seem to get their bats going until their final at-bat, when they hit five straight home runs. Ty Cadotte was a bright spot as he hit three doubles in his three at-bats.


Welcome to the Cobra Kippen win column! Cobra had an impressive week, getting their first win on Tuesday night when they defeated Courtland Landscape and Grounds by five. They continued to roll out Frank’s Auto Hitmen on Thursday.

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Hitmen answered the next night with an 11-run win over Ward’s Automotive.

Leeswood Construction walked one against The Mill and drew level with a pesky Hit N Run side, who won easily against Ward’s.

Cobra 17, Courtland L&G 12

Cobra Chickens: Caleb Reimer 4-4, Jesse Froese 4-5 2HR, Wyatt Blatz HR, Ethan Froese HR, Dylan Redd HR, Jesse Hiebert HR, Nathan Froese HR

Courtland landscape and terrain: Brooks Scharr 3-4 HR, Adam Thomson 2-3 HR, Joe Thorburn HR, Owen Harris HR

Jesse Froese was three shy of hitting for the cycle and led the winners with two home runs and five runs batted in.

Leeswood 18, De Molen 17

Leeswood Construction: Alex Penders 4-4 2HR, Chad Vigar 4-4 2HR, Thom Puhr HR

The Mill: Steve Derks 4-5, Darren Pace 3-4, Bryan Deblaire 2HR, Ryan Black HR

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This was a repeat of last year’s finale and it was just as dramatic as Chad Vigar’s two-run home run for Leeswood.

Cobra 24, Frank’s Auto 23

Chickens: Caleb Reimer 6-6 HR, Marcus Peters 4-5 HR, Jared Froese HR, Wyatt Blatz 2HR

Hitmen: Martin Klassen 3-3 HR, Abe Klassen 3-4, Ben Bueckert HR, Johnny Klassen HR, John Klassen HR, Daniel Enns HR, Daniel Klassen 2HR

Cobra Chickens won it in the seventh with a three-run rally. Leadoff hitter Caleb Reimer doubled for the winning run and hit for the cycle.

Leeswood 22, Hit N Run 22

Leeswood: Thom Puhr 3-3, Cheyne Sarafinchin 3-4, Alex Penders HR, Tim Townsend HR

Hit N Run: Jamie Dyck 5-5, Jacob Klassen 4-4 hours, Johnny Unger HR, Diedrich Klassen 2 hours, Marten Klassen 2 hours

Hit N Run took a slim one-run lead in the seventh. Leeswood scored four and Hit N Run tied the score with a three-run rally in the bottom half. Hit N Run’s Jacob Klassen hit for the cycle.

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Hit N Run 21, Ward’s 10

Hit N Run: Jacob Klassen 4-4, John Wiebe 4-4 HR, Franky Klassen HR, Peter Klassen HR, Johnny Unger HR

Ward’s Automotive: Ryan Miller 3-4, Mike Mudford 3-3, Johnny Epp HR

Hit N Run added 11 extra basehits in the win. Martin Klassen drove in four runs.

Frank is 19, Ward 8

Hitmen: Martin Klassen 5-5, Evan Bueckert 4-4, Cam Bueckert HR

Wards: Kyle Smith 3-3, Gus Ford 3-3

Frank’s Cam Bueckert led the way with seven runs batted in, four runs scored and was three points shy of the cycle.


O&L Duct Design avenged their semifinal loss to the Pelicans by defeating them by 13 in their first meeting of the year. They also won by forfeit over Lubricare Jokers.

Pelicans defeated the Sandy Shore Brew Jays, tying their record. Team Awesome swept their doubleheader with a narrow victory over John Beere and a mercy from Crusaders. The only other result was a forfeit win by Bird’s Ballers over Designated Drinkers.

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Pelicans 16, Sandy Shore 7

Pelicans: Matt Summers 3-3, Shaine Hall 4-4 HR

Brew Jays: Doug Vanderwygart 3-3, Mike Schmeltz 3-4

Ten of the Pelicans’ eleven batters had at least one basehit. Shaine Hall was double shy of the cycle.

Team Awesome 19, John Beere 16

Great: Randy Miller 4-4 2HR, Kyle Mauthe 4-4, Dan MacRae HR, Blair Davidson HR

Beere: Brent Schooley 4-5 HR, Phil Beauvais 5-5

John Beere came close with a four-run seventh. Team Awesome’s Randy Miller homered twice and drove in seven.

Bird’s Ballers 7, Designated Drinkers 0 (forfeit)

O&L Duct Design 7, Lubricare Jokers 0 (forfeited)

O&L channel 23, Pelicans 10

B&L: Christian Devlin 4-4, Mike Goff 3-3, Spence Meron 2HR

Pelicans: Shaine Hall 4-4, Nick Wilson 3-4, Steve Leacock HR

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Spence Meron led O&L with two home runs and six runs batted in.

Crusaders 7, Sandy Shore 0 (forfeit)


Bayham Construction come out on top in the C-loop as they handed the Yard Pimps their first loss on the field. After coaching three of these youngsters this weekend, I understand why they are a force to be reckoned with. It was not easy to walk away from a well played match. Yard Pimps bounced back with grace over Brickhouse Boys.

Underhill Farm Supply defeated Smokin Bases in a walkoff victory and won by forfeit over RLP Melanie Luksys.

Underhill 10, Smokin 9

Underhill Farm Supply: Remi Dejaegher 4-4, Bruce Hietkamp 4-4, Chris Dyck HR

Smokin bases: Matty Galan 3-3, John Gignac 4-4, Clayton Burgess HR

Bruce Hietkamp hit the walkoff single for Underhill.

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Wharf 24, Baksteenhuis 8

Yard Pimps: Zach Smith 5-5, Scott Beattie 5-5

Brickhouse Boys: Corey Chretien 2-2, Ryan Davidson 2-2

Scott Beattie and Zach Smith led the winners with a pair of doubles.

Underhill Farm Supply 7, RLP Melanie Luksys 0 (forfeited)

Lumberjacks 14, Wharf 13

Bayham Construction: Pete Blatz 4-4, Alex Friesen 2-2

Recruit: Zach Smith 4-4 HR, Darryl Beattie 4-4

Benny Neufeld’s triple cleared Bayham.


Well, it was no contest in the battle of the undefeated as the Jays were gracious to Simmonds Mortgages. They followed that up with a grace over Nesbitt Trucking.

Simmonds, playing in a different line-up on Wednesday, defeated Foldens Machine Works by nine. Foldens had defeated Snap On two nights earlier.

Nesbitt healed TNT Lady Legends, Trillium Court won a pair of lopsided matches, and George’s Auto came from behind in their final at-bat to defeat Lady Outcasts.

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George’s 13, outcasts 12

George’s Car: Mikaela Wilson 4-4, Taylor Manary 3-3

Lady Outcasts: Brianne Johnston 3-3, Amy Rhame 2-3

An eight-run bat around rally in its final at bat gave George’s the victory.

Nesbitt 20, TNT 5

Nesbitt Trucking: Sally MacIntyre 3-3, Teri Joosse 3-3

TNT Lady Legends: Abi Baker 2-3, Heather Wilson 3-3

Nesbitt’s Kim Hurd and Claire Barker each scored three points.

Jays 22, Nesbitt 8

Jays: Mary Froese 5-6, Candi Obar 4-5

Nesbitt: Missy Falkins 3-3, Lyn Hewitt 3-3

Maddi Obar and Tara Foster hit back-to-back triples in the Jays’ final at-bat.

TNT 21, George’s 3

TNT: Brittany Wolf 6-6, Lauri Whitbourn 5-6, Heather Wilson HR

Georges: Kerilyn Bruckler 3-3, Paige Gilvesy 3-3

TNT’s Lauri Whitbourn and Brittany Wolf each scored four points.

Jays 14, Simmonds 2

Jays: Bernita Jordan 4-4, Denise Pelletier 4-4

Simmonds Mortgages: Kim King 2-3, Amanda Stubbs 2-3 HR

Jays’ pitcher Bernita Jordan helped her own cause by driving in four runs on four hits.

Simmonds 12, Foldens 3

Simmonds: Elaine Roswell 3-4, Anita Dahl 3-3

Foldens Machine Works: Adelle Depaepe 3-3, Amber Woolgar 2-3

Shortstop Elaine Roswell was a defensive standout for the winners.

Trillium Court 10, click 1

Trillium Court 17, Wildcats 2.0 3

No surnames on competition forms.

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