How to Donate – and How to Find Help – NBC4 Washington

How to Donate – and How to Find Help – NBC4 Washington

For more than 25 years, you’ve been helping NBC4 and Telemundo 44 provide thousands of meals to those in need during the holidays. But we know hunger isn’t just a holiday problem.

That’s why NBC4 and Telemundo are expanding 44 Food 4 Families to a year-long project – and we’re asking you to join us in tackling food insecurity in the Washington, DC region.

Join us and let’s alleviate hunger together through NBC4 and Telemundo 44’s Food 4 Families campaign. We’re partnering with the Greater Washington Community Foundation.

If you want to help:

If you need help:

In recent years, the pandemic and rising food prices have widened the gap between those who know where their next meal will come from and those who don’t.

NBC4 and T44 are committed to telling stories about food insecurity in the region all year long – and not just during the holidays.

Would go:

  • talk about food insecurity and hunger and how they affect people you might not suspect
  • talk about solutions and meet the local people and organizations that help
  • have resources available so you know where to look for help – for your family or for someone you know is in need

Before Food 4 Families it was called Project Harvest. Regardless of the name, thousands of families were helped during the holidays. Now we look forward to helping those in need all year round. Thank you for working on 4 Our Community.