Mika Rotunda writes emotional letter to Bo Dallas following Wyatt Sick’s WWE RAW debut on 6/17

Mika Rotunda writes emotional letter to Bo Dallas following Wyatt Sick’s WWE RAW debut on 6/17

Before Bray Wyatt passed away last year, there were rumors that a Wyatt 6 family would eventually debut on WWE television. After much hype and waiting, the faction finally debuted as the Wyatt Sicks on RAW this week and Mika Rotunda wrote an emotional letter to Bo Dallas.

During the June 17 episode of RAW, the Wyatt Sicks group shocked the world with their debut at the very end of the show, leaving many bodies behind as they declared that they are finally in WWE.

Mika Rotunda took to her Instagram to talk about Bray Wyatt’s legacy and Taylor’s (Bo Dallas) recent debut as Uncle Howdy, a character they envisioned together. She described how Windham often channels real-life pain into his creative work, turning setbacks into inspiration.

It was a deeply emotional experience for Mika to see Taylor debut as Uncle Howdy without Windham. She expressed her pride in her sibling and emphasized their strong bond, feeling connected to him even from afar as the arena lights dimmed.

Reflecting on their family’s journey through grief since Windham’s passing, Mika acknowledged the lingering pain and the challenge of moving forward. She emphasized the importance of honoring Windham’s memory by celebrating his life and creative genius through storytelling, at which he excelled.

For Mika, finding solace comes from embracing everyday life and continuing to express Windham’s unique perspective and creativity. She saw this as a testament to their family’s love for Windham and a way to keep his spirit alive.

“Windham talked a lot about pain in his character. He would describe pain and real-life scenarios as a way to harden, inspire, or shape his future a little. He turned pain into something positive, through creativity and expression.

Last night, Taylor made his first debut as Uncle Howdy, without Windham. This was their dream, their vision. Their fairy tale to fulfill. He carried this on his back. But more importantly: in his heart. As brothers and sisters, we have always had a strong bond with each other. As the lights came on in the arena and I watched from my TV, my heart rate increased. My eyes welled up. I felt every ioata with him. While you also feel this warmth, it can only be described as Windham. I am so incredibly proud of Taylor.

Honoring the memory of a Windham or a loved one while walking the path of grief is a profound and personal journey. Our family has been standing on a stage with the outside world looking in since August 24 at 3:33 PM. A moment in time that we as a family will never get past or beyond. But somehow we have to find a way through it.

How do you do that?

I think it’s in our daily lives. And create ways to celebrate their lives and legacies even as we deal with the pain of their absence.

For Windham, it’s in the storytelling. He was the greatest storyteller I ever knew. And while we embrace the moments of sadness, there is a duty to uphold them. To keep finding ways to express his madness and genius.

This makes it a testament from our family about the depth of his love. And our love for him.

Upholding Windham’s honor can be a source of comfort and strength. We hurt. We heal.

By doing this we keep their spirit alive and find comfort in the impact they had on our lives. 🌹 ⭕️

Also huge, huge and amazing kudos to @robfee11 and @bakingjason for doing the alchemy behind the scenes. Unreal. You are!

Windham, I wish you were here.
I love you more.

We also reported on WWE’s long-term plans for the Wyatt Sicks faction. We’ll have to wait and see if the faction will have a significant impact on WWE television from here on out.

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