“Today was about resilience” – Roberto Martínez

“Today was about resilience” – Roberto Martínez

“Today was about resilience” – Roberto MartínezPortugal made a winning start to Euro 2024 after coming from behind to beat the Czech Republic in Leipzig tonight.

Coach Roberto Martínez was keen to emphasize the team’s resilience and character, while Bernardo Silva stressed the importance of starting with a win. PortuGOAL completes the match reaction.

Roberto Martínez, coach of Portugal

“Today is not about judging this game from a technical or tactical point of view. Today we won because we showed resilience, willpower and faith. It’s the first time we’ve come from behind to win (under my tenure). Today we believed, we showed an incredible personality.

”It is a match in which we had thirteen corners; The Czech Republic had none. If we had scored early we could have won by three or four goals. The atmosphere was incredible. Our fans didn’t deserve to lose this match.

”Nuno Mendes in a back three? He has the physical attributes to play in a three-man defense. It is important to have symmetry in the center block. Czech Republic is a physical team. The most important thing is not the starting XI, but how the match ends. We showed that we had prepared well.

”Francisco Conceição? He always plays with an eye on the goal, he is very vertical. He has a nose for goals. He was the cause of the chaos we needed today.”

Francisco Conceição, match winner of Portugal:

“It was a tough match, I wanted to help the team score the goal we needed to start the European Championship well with a win and that’s what I did. I helped the team and luckily everything turned out well.

“It is an enormous joy to represent our country. My father, mother, brothers and my girlfriend, a lot of people were here, so this victory is for them.”

Bernardo Silva, Portuguese midfielder:

“These matches in tournaments are never easy and we played against a team that caused us big problems and defended deep, especially in the second half after all the changes.

“We threw more players into the penalty area, which I think was what was missing in the first half because we had few players to finish our moves. When Chico, Jota and Neto came, they gave us this.

I am especially happy with the three points. We are very motivated to finish top of the group because we know how important that is, but these are just the first three points to achieve that goal and now we have a long road ahead of us.”

Nuno Mendes, Portuguese defender:

“In competitions like this it’s always good to start a tournament with a win and luckily we did that.

“Playing as a left-sided centre-back? I had never played in that position before and it is true that I cannot attack that often, but the coach put me there for some reason. I was able to do my job, both I and the team did well and the victory was deserved.”

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