The 3 Best Personalized Vitamin Subscriptions, According to a Nutritionist

The 3 Best Personalized Vitamin Subscriptions, According to a Nutritionist

Grabbing any old


off the shelf may work for people who simply want general nutritional support. But some people who have specialized health concerns may benefit from more targeted nutrition support. Numerous personalized vitamin subscription services exist to help you get nutrition that is tailored to your needs.

If you feel you’d benefit from a service that sends you monthly dosages of vitamins and minerals you really need—and not the ones you don’t—a personalized supplement subscription service might be right for you. Read on to discover the four we identified as the best on the market with the help of registered dietitians and nutrition experts.

Editor’s choice: Persona Nutrition

The one-on-one access to nutrition professionals and detailed assessment quiz make

Persona Nutrition

our editor’s choice for best personalized vitamin subscription. Even though its price is a little on the high side, we believe its advantages make it worth it.

Medical disclaimer: This article is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. For health advice, contact a licensed healthcare provider.

Our picks for the best personalized vitamin subscription

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Best personalized vitamin subscription with nutritionist




Persona Nutrition

Two hands holding a Persona vitamin subscription package.

Best personalized vitamin subscription with nutritionist support

Two hands holding a Persona vitamin subscription package.

At Persona, nutrition professionals are on call to answer your questions about how their vitamins suit your health needs.

Key product features

Icon Upper Body V2

Nutritionist access


Icon Warranty

Made in


Icon Trial Period

First month

50% off

What you should know

Got questions about how to take your vitamins, or how they fit with other medications? Persona’s on-call nutritionists can help.

  • Persona takes extra care to ensure their vitamin packs don’t adversely interact with your other medications.

  • Prices may vary widely, and it is impossible for you to determine them without taking Persona’s quiz (which requires your email address).

  • Anyone who likes a human touch will appreciate one-on-one access to Persona’s team of nutrition professionals.


Comprehensive website with numerous FAQs


Price can’t be determined without quiz

Reviewers say it may be difficult to cancel

Why we like Persona as best with nutritionist support

Persona Vitamins stands out for its access to nutrition professionals via email, phone, or chat. The company’s dozen-plus nutritionists are available to guide you through questions about how Persona’s vitamins could fit into your personal wellness plan. Some are not registered dietitians nutritionists (RDN), though, which might be important to some users. RDNs have significant training in nutrition and medical nutrition therapy and can best help those who may have more advanced needs or questions.

The Persona experience starts with a five-minute online assessment of your health. This assessment covers questions about health conditions and history, wellness goals, diet, and personal demographics. From there, you’ll receive a report of recommended vitamins and minerals—but it’s up to you to determine which of them you accept. (Cost will also be determined at the end of your assessment quiz.) You have the freedom to add or subtract any of the suggested supplements. If you like, you can bypass Persona’s individual assessment entirely and purchase supplements a la carte.

While we appreciate Persona’s quick and easy assessment, the online questionnaire has a few downsides. This portion of the experience isn’t assisted by a nutritionist, nor does it cover as much about health history as an in-person visit with a doctor would do. The questionnaire also doesn’t provide any upfront context about cost. Plus, it requires users to provide an email address, which some might not like to do.

Persona claims their staff can clarify vitamins’ potential interactions with other medications you’re taking. It’s important to remember that only some of them are registered dietitian nutritionists, and it’s always best to ask your doctor about potential medicine interactions before starting a new supplement.

“Having the expertise of a medical professional who understands potential interactions is important. With so many people taking a variety of over-the-counter products, along with medications, many times people are unclear on potential dangers. An RDN is one expert who can help with this.”

Chris Mohr, Ph.D., RD, Fortune Recommends Advisor

It’s an important consideration since adverse interactions between drugs and supplements are relatively common. According to a 2019 study on 155 subjects, taking an average of 4.9 drugs per patient, 108 experienced minor drug-to-drug interactions and 24 potentially serious interactions were discovered. (



Another potential drawback with Persona: though stated that they’re tested in-house, the brand’s supplements are not third-party tested for quality and purity. This may be a red flag for some users, since research has shown that unapproved substances can make their way into supplements quite often. (



What customers are saying

On Trustpilot, Persona Nutrition has an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. Users say their calls with the brand’s team of nutritionists are extremely helpful, especially regarding questions about usage and interactions with other medications.

“Knowledgeable team who understood my questions and got me answers,” writes Trustpilot reviewer Michelle W. Others say the vitamins have genuinely helped them overcome health issues like depression, poor concentration, weight gain, and low energy.

“My energy level has increased, mental focus is better, and I am losing the weight I’ve gained throughout my menopause phase.”

Gretchen Wiegand, Trustpilot reviewer

Top complaints about Persona include difficulty canceling and changing subscriptions. Trustpilot reviewer Gloria says, “(It’s) impossible to cancel your subscription online or over the phone. One eventually ends up with a back stock of packs as the company bills roughly every three weeks to ‘ensure’ there is never any lag time.”


Third-party tested

28 days

Online quiz

Best personalized vitamin subscription using DNA:


Hands holding Autumn vitamin subscription packages.

Best personalized vitamin subscription using DNA

Hands holding Autumn vitamin subscription packages.

Providing your DNA allows Autumn to create personalized supplements based on biological evidence, not just a self-reported quiz.

Key product features

Icon Heart V2

Analyzes health markers


Icon Third Party Testing

DNA results

In 4 days

Icon Key Ingridient

Nutrition facts

Available online

Icon Warranty

Made in


What you should know

Autumn is the ultimate subscription service in personalized nutrition, with a DNA analysis that identifies your specific needs.

  • Autumn’s DNA collection kit analyzes a small amount of saliva to determine your health profile and individual needs.

  • Unlike most services, Autumn doesn’t allow for a la carte vitamin purchasing. Rather, each subscription is tailored to the individual.

  • DNA collection kit is required and comes at an additional cost of $60.


DNA analysis for accuracy

DNA can be transferred from elsewhere


Additional cost for DNA kit

No quiz to determine personal preferences

Why we like Autumn as best using DNA

A self-reported questionnaire can provide vitamin companies with your desired health goals and dietary information, but a DNA test may be particularly helpful for assessing your nutrient deficiencies—though science is continuing to evolve around DNA tests and how they can be used for nutrition recommendations. (


) That’s why Autumn kicks off your personalized vitamin journey with an FDA-approved DNA test through a saliva collection kit. You can then send your kit via mail, and you should get your results in about four days.

“Current evidence on DNA testing and prescriptive recommendations around vitamins and minerals—and nutrition in general—is premature. Ultimately, more needs to be understood about this type of personalized medicine and guidance before validated recommendations are made.”

Chris Mohr, Ph.D., RD, Fortune Recommends Advisor

Though the kit costs $60 upfront, many users find it worth the value of knowing their nutrient recommendations. Autumn’s test assesses over 500 biological markers of health to customize a unique vitamin regimen for each individual user. And if you’ve previously had genetic testing done via or 23andMe, you can even transfer your results for just $15.

From there, Autumn’s cost is comparable to other vitamin subscriptions. A monthly supply is $80, which equates to$2.67 per day. All orders also come with free shipping.

It’s certainly less invasive and more simple than a blood test; however, blood is a more accurate measure of results. (



Because of its focus on physical testing for tailored nutrition, Autumn does not offer a la carte vitamin and mineral purchasing. According to their founders, “We refuse to sell people vitamins, minerals, herbs, or supplements they don’t actually need.” If you’re looking to shop for a 30-day supply of vitamin D or ashwagandha, for example, you’ll need to look elsewhere (unless they’re indicated by your DNA test).

This lack of a quiz or questionnaire might be a drawback for some users who may want to request specific health goals like improved digestion, cognitive health, or weight loss.

Though you’ll be sending your DNA off in the mail (which might sound concerning to some), you don’t need to worry that Autumn will misuse it. The brand makes it clear that your DNA is not for sale without your permission. They also guarantee that they only work with fully HIPAA-compliant labs and never store your data, and that your sample is destroyed withins 15 days of being tested.


Third-party tested

1 month


Best personalized vitamin subscription with bioavailable ingredients:


A VitaminLab subscription package sitting on a table.

Best personalized subscription with bioavailable ingredients

A VitaminLab subscription package sitting on a table.

VitaminLab offers personalized, all-in-one capsules with bioavailable micronutrients, eliminating the need for multiple pills.

Key product features

Icon Upper Body V2

Nutritionist access:

By appointment

Icon Wireless

DNA upload:


Icon Listening modes

On-call support:


What you should know

Getting the most out of your vitamins means taking ones your body can actually use. VitaminLab’s focus on bioavailability ensures you absorb the most nutrients from your pills.

  • VitaminLabs formulates their nutrition support into a single capsule or powder, not multiple pills.

  • Don’t want a certain nutrient in your formula? You have the option to remove it prior to ordering.

  • Consultations with staff nutritionists are available by appointment.


DNA testing or online assessment


Doesn’t guarantee organic, vegan, non-GMO, or other certifications

Online assessment is brief

Cancellation may be difficult

Why we like VitaminLab as best with bioavailable ingredients

“Bioavailable” is one of those sciencey-sounding words whose meaning might not be immediately clear. In a nutshell, when a nutrient is bioavailable, it means that the body is better able to absorb it and use it. For example, the active ingredients in a supplement like curcumin aren’t particularly useful to the body without black pepper to help them along. (


) Similarly, calcium’s bioavailability can be increased by taking it with vitamin D. (



The goal of Canadian company VitaminLab is to ensure their products have maximum bioavailability, so your body benefits the most from taking them.

VitaminLabs is also unique for offering two personalization options. You can either take their online assessment quiz (which, admittedly, is quite short and doesn’t cover as much ground as other brands) or upload your own DNA information, such as a previous 23andMe test. The company states they use up-to-date clinical trials and expert oversight to guide the customization of your supplements.

Once your personalization is complete, VitaminLabs formulates your nutrition support into a single capsule, or a berry-flavored or unflavored powder—a major win for anyone who doesn’t enjoy taking pills. You’ll receive your shipment as a 90-day supply since the brand believes it typically takes around three months to experience noticeable benefits from supplementation.

VitaminLabs’ supplements are third-party tested, but the company does not guarantee that its products are vegan or vegetarian, gluten-free, non-GMO, or organic. It also states that its vitamins may not be suitable for pregnant women.

Though most users seem satisfied with the VitaminLab experience, some say their customer service and cancellation policies leave something to be desired. Returns are not accepted since each subscription is individually tailored, and the website’s FAQs noticeably lack cancellation information. However, VitaminLabs offers customer support via email, phone, or live chat—and nutritionists (but not necessarily registered dietitians) are available by appointment to answer customer questions.

What customers are saying

VitaminLab’s Trustpilot reviews are a mixed bag. Though they average 4.1 out of 5 stars, reviews are predominantly either glowing or frustrated. Lovers of the service say the customization process is very detailed and trustworthy.

“Their team took the time to review my formula and advised me on some of the possible interactions with some of my meds. They made detailed recommendations and more importantly listened and responded to my needs.”

Joe Lerario, Trustpilot reviewer

Several customers, such as reviewer Fernando Miller, also say the vitamins work. “I finish my day around 4:30 pm, and I don’t have any crash after my activities,” he writes. Though this outcome can’t be attributed just to these supplements, this user felt it helped.

Not everyone is entirely satisfied with VitaminLabs’ customer service experience. Multiple users complain that subscriptions are hard to cancel or that the company’s processes are difficult to navigate. “It’s highly irregular and confusing,” writes Trustpilot reviewer Erin O’Loughlin.


Third-party tested

90 days

Online quiz or DNA

Our supplement testing methodology

Our process of selecting the best personalized vitamin subscriptions considers multiple factors. We look for supplements proven to live up to their claims safely and effectively, confirmed mostly through third-party testing. Further, we’re always on the lookout for services and products that offer good value for what you get. Companies with a reputation for attentive customer service also make our list.

You can read our full

supplement testing methodology here


Testing criteria


Consumers turn to dietary supplements to achieve specific health benefits, so we examine whether a supplement delivers its promised benefits. Here’s what we look for:

  • Clinical evidence

  • Calories per serving

  • Dose efficacy

  • Synergistic effects

  • Proprietary blends
Safety and side effects—35%

Health risks, adverse effects, and safety profiles are all factors to consider when deciding on a supplement. We help ensure the safety of these products through testing so you can trust the safety of the products you purchase. We evaluate:

  • Reported side effects

  • Third-party testing

  • Manufacturer accreditation

  • Artificial sweeteners

Each purchase decision is influenced by price, so we evaluated supplements that would fit all budgets. We determined:

  • Total price

  • Price per serving
Customer experience—5%

How a company interacts with its customers speaks volumes about its values and customer satisfaction level. To understand this better, our testers examined reviews and reached out to companies directly.

Our factors in this rating include:

  • Ease of purchase

  • Shipping and returns

  • Customer support
What are personalized vitamins?

Unlike supplements you’d simply grab off the shelf at your local health food store or put in your Amazon cart, personalized vitamins are supposed to be formulated with your specific needs in mind. Using either self-reported data or DNA testing, subscription services create vitamins suited to your specific needs and desires.

Benefits of personalized vitamins

While individual vitamins and minerals each

offer different health benefits

, taking a vitamin (or series of vitamins) that’s customized just for you can come with unique advantages.

Nutrients you need (and none you don’t)


best multivitamins

are intended to cover a broad spectrum of potential nutrient gaps and can be useful for overall health. Sometimes, though, they may contain too much of nutrients you don’t need and not enough of the essential nutrients you might. Getting personalized vitamins ensures you’re meeting your nutritional needs without going overboard.

Access to nutrition professionals

Some personalized vitamin subscriptions, like Persona, offer access to nutritionists. A consultation with a professional can give you peace of mind, knowing that you are not only getting the nutrition you need but that you also have an expert to answer any questions that arise.

Targeting health goals and conditions

Sometimes, we all need a little extra support in one area of health or another. Whether you’re looking to boost your metabolism, improve your digestion, strengthen your bones, or reach any other goal, targeted nutrition from personalized vitamins may support those goals.


Are personalized vitamins worth it?

The cost-benefit balance of personalized vitamins may depend on your health goals and needs. Purchasing customized vitamins via a subscription is typically less expensive than visiting a dietitian or naturopath but won’t provide you with the same medical oversight. Still, having a subscription you can count on every month may be good motivation to take your vitamins every day.

How much are personalized vitamins?

The cost of a personalized vitamin subscription can vary significantly, depending on how many health goals you’re using it to address. Most subscriptions don’t list a flat fee for their customized blends. As we took each online quiz, however, we found the average monthly subscription costs between $2 and $3 per day.

Who should consider personalized vitamin subscription?

Research shows that a general multivitamin can be beneficial for health issues like cognition and reducing the severity of illness, particularly when correcting a nutrient insufficiency. (




) However, some people prefer to target specific health issues with their vitamin regimen. If you’d like supplements that are supposed to address your specific wellness needs, a personalized subscription can be a great choice.

Is Persona a good vitamin company?

Persona is noteworthy for its one-on-one contact with nutrition professionals. Since this company offers personalized vitamins and a la carte options, it has variety and flexibility in spades. However, Persona’s supplements aren’t third-party tested, which might be a dealbreaker for some potential customers.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

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