The recap of Acolyte episode 4: The race to Kelnacca has begun

The recap of Acolyte episode 4: The race to Kelnacca has begun

Nowadays, the race to find Kelnacca’s hideout has only just begun in The Acolyte Episode 4.

It’s safe to say that The Acolyte has been quite a turbulent ride so far. The plot goes back further than any other story in the Star Wars timeline, unveiling a murder mystery involving a group of Jedi Masters.

Fans are already outraged by the show’s opening, which gives Carrie-Anne Moss a chance before the opening credits even appear.

Three episodes later and there’s a huge cliffhanger on the horizon – here’s everything that happened in The Acolyte Episdoe 4. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

The Acolyte Episode 4: The Jedi and Mae arrive on Khofar

The Acolyte Episode 4 picks up where Episode 2 left off and begins on Khofar, where Mae and Qimir have successfully landed. Qimir tells Mae that he knows where Kelnacca can be found: who is the next Jedi victim on Mae’s kill list. He is hidden in a vast forest area that stretches before them, as Qimir explains that only a handful ever found him and survived to tell the tale.

Meanwhile, Osha, Sol, Jecki and Yord arrive back on Coruscant. Osha, believing she has done all she can by proving to Mae that she is alive, leaves to travel back to the ship she was working on. At the same time, the Jedi Masters meet to discuss what to do about Mae’s next steps. Sol confirms that Mae will definitely go to Kelnacca next time, with Vernestra keen to keep news of Jedi killings out of the High Council.

Sol once again asks to lead a small expedition team sent to stop Mae from killing Kelnacca, with Vernestra’s permission. Osha is stopped by him as she tries to leave, with Sol explaining that he needs her help to prevent Mae from getting her way. After some cajoling, Osha agrees and lands in Khofar along with Sol, Jecki, Yord and a team of other members of the Jedi Order.

Osha becomes realistic about her past

Osha in The Acolyte

On two separate sides of Khofar, both sides are heading towards Kelnacca’s base – and the race is on to find out who gets there first. Mae and Qimir talk about Mae’s ominous master, who is referred to as “him” for the first time. She tries to justify to herself that she has what it takes to kill a Jedi without any extra help, while Qimir wonders why she’s had so much trouble already.

Osha also has her own time to process what is going on. As she walks, she confronts Yord about why she was brought on this journey, with Yord clearly not happy about her coming along for the ride. Yord suggests that she was brought here to face Mae, but she was also taken to face herself.

As both groups venture deeper into the forest, they are confronted by other creatures – like a giant moth crossed with a centipede-like beetle – meaning Sol must come to the rescue. The Jedi team also has a scent tracker on their side, which Mae soon finds not far from Kelnacca’s base when he splits from the group.

Mae changes her allegiance, but a nasty surprise follows

The master acolyte

Qimir pretends to be trapped and gets caught in a trap set for him by Mae. She tells him that their walk has made her realize something: Osha is now her main driving force, and the Master can no longer tell her what to do. She vows to change her allegiance to Osha and plans to turn herself into Kelnacca when she finds him. Qimir warns her that the Master cannot be stopped.

After leaving Qimir dangling in the woods, Mae eventually finds Kelnacca, who is already dead. To her horror, she realizes that her Master himself is already on Khofar. At the same time, the Jedi catch up, surround the base and order Mae to come out with her hands up. She remains hidden inside.

As they surround her, a black figure emerges from the other side and targets the Jedi Order with a red lightsaber. The two sides prepare for battle, with the masked figure seemingly wielding an extraordinary amount of power, and Sol asks what they are. The answer? Hopefully in episode 5.

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