Dark Matter season 1 episode 9 (final) spoilers: ‘Entanglement’

Dark Matter season 1 episode 9 (final) spoilers: ‘Entanglement’

Dark Matter season 1 episode 9 (final) spoilers: ‘Entanglement’
Photo: Apple TV+

Next week on Apple TV+ the story of Dark matter ends. Or at least that’s the case for now. The final is coming!

So how crazy will things get? Well, in a word: very bad. Almost everything is about to come to a head, and this story should throw almost every possible element against the wall. There is something exciting about that, but it also leads to questions about whether or not all loose ends will be tied up. After all, keep in mind that there is no season 2 renewal yet… but there is still a chance.

Since this is the final episode coming up, it should come as no surprise that those in power are keeping a lot secret. The title of this episode is ‘Entanglement’ and the synopsis gives you a little better idea of ​​what to expect:

The Dessens’ world is collapsing.

Yep, that’s all you get in this episode, and that serves as a pretty clear symbol of what the priorities here are the rest of the way.

Will there be answers?

We know that one of the strengths of this show from the beginning has been weaving in a lot of mysteries over time, and we think some will be answered. Yet new ones could emerge.

When will there be news about an extension?

There’s a good chance that more will emerge in the coming months! Considering how wildly successful the show’s first season has been for the aforementioned streaming service, we have no real reason to think it will go anywhere in the relatively near future. Not only has it attracted a lot of viewers, it has also succeeded with a name that doesn’t really tell you much about what the show is actually about.

What would you most like to see move to the Dark matter season 1 finale?

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