Mike Trout is still out, nearly seven weeks after the Angels star underwent knee surgery

Mike Trout is still out, nearly seven weeks after the Angels star underwent knee surgery

ANAHEIM, Calif. – Although Mike Trout has yet to return to action nearly seven weeks after surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee, the Los Angeles Angels outfielder is optimistic about his recovery.

Trout provided an update on his progress Tuesday before the Angels hosted the Milwaukee Brewers. The three-time AL MVP hasn’t played since April 29.

“It’ll get there,” Trout said. “Obviously slower than I thought, but it is the first time I have had a knee injury. I trust the process and take it day by day.”

Trout, 32, first felt pain in his knee during a win over his hometown Philadelphia Phillies, and an MRI exam confirmed he had torn his meniscus — though he had no idea when or how the injury occurred in a fairly normal contest. He had surgery on May 3.

He has moved on to workouts on a stationary bike and an elliptical machine. Angels manager Ron Washington said the team hopes Trout can resume play soon.

“I just have to get the strength back,” Trout said. “It kind of felt like this past week was a little turning point where I can step it up a little bit, see how it feels. It’s just trying to find exercises that won’t hurt or irritate you the next day. Finally found something that works. I’m just trying to get that strength back.”

Trout’s once-fast career has stalled since the pandemic-shortened 2020 season due to a series of serious injuries. Counting Tuesday night’s game, Trout has played in just 266 games and missed 293 since the start of the 2021 season.

Trout seemed reasonably optimistic, even as he acknowledged that his progress was slow. He doesn’t expect this injury to last as long as his strained calf did in 2021 – a confusing setback that kept him out of all but 36 games that season.

“I can’t run,” Trout said. “Certain things make me a little sore the next day. I’m trying to limit that because I don’t want to come here and then have a setback and have this (up and down) thing. I’m just trying to make progress as quickly as possible, in a smart way.”

The Angels are 29-43 heading into their second game against Milwaukee, with an offense that ranks squarely in the middle of the Majors in several statistical categories despite the extended absence of its two highest-paid players.

Anthony Rendon missed his 52nd straight game Tuesday night with a hamstring injury he suffered in late April, but the $245 million third baseman has resumed some baseball activities. Rendon has played in just 167 of the Angels’ 559 games (29.9%) since the start of the 2021 season.

Trout said he’s prepared to play through the aches and pains when he returns to the field this summer. He has spoken to other athletes who have recovered from the injury, and he knows what to expect.

“I’ve thought about it,” he said. “It will slowly get better, and then there is pain and a pain tolerance to know when to cut back. So that’s where I am.”