9:00 Weather Plague (18/6)

9:00 Weather Plague (18/6) – WLOX News – 2024-06-18 17:38:13

SUMMARY: “Foot Loose” will be a high-energy show this weekend, produced by Boage and Rand Productions. This iconic film turned Broadway hit is led by Hank Santos and Lindsay Jordan. Hank, with extensive national touring experience, finds starring in the role exciting and rewarding, especially with the opportunity to live and perform in the same location. Lindsay appreciates the diverse and exciting aspects of the role. Director Jeb Brand emphasizes the importance of the live band and praises the talented cast, selected from 1,800 applicants. The show promises a mix of concert vibes, movie nostalgia and Broadway flair, offering an interactive and enjoyable experience for audiences.

Footloose was an iconic film – and the Beau Rivage Theater will present the hit Broadway musical starting this weekend.

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