New solar storage system from the e-car manufacturer

New solar storage system from the e-car manufacturer

Tesla had a number of announcements in store at Intersolar. The Tesla Powerwall 3 in particular caught the eye. With the latest version of the energy storage system, the car manufacturer claims to have not only made it more user-friendly. It is also said that there has been a significant jump in performance. The price alone could be a real dampener on many people’s willingness to buy.

There has been a long wait for Tesla Powerwall 3

The Powerwall 2 has now been on the market for seven years. This makes it all the more understandable that Tesla fans are already clamoring to get their hands on the latest model of the storage system. Now, with Tesla Powerwall 3, not only the latest solar storage system has finally been announced. In addition, the storage system is now available.

With the Tesla Powerwall 3, the American company mainly wants to eliminate the teething problems of its predecessors. And there were a few. First, there was the questionable design with exposed cables. On the other hand, the storage system had a high noise level, which obviously annoyed a lot of people.

tesla powerwall3tesla powerwall3
Image: Tesla

While these convenience issues affected the first generation of the storage system, users also had good reasons to complain about the Powerwall 2, according to a report from For some, the system was simply too inflexible. This was made clear by the fixed storage capacity, which is not expandable at all.

Tesla Powerwall 3 promises improvements

The American car manufacturer should have hopefully solved these problems with the third generation of the energy storage system. The company claims to at least have more comfort. However, a look at the technical data is somewhat sobering. At least when you look at the storage size.

Similar to the now outdated Powerwall 2, the system is said to offer a total storage capacity of 13.5 kWh. Peak input power should be a very good 13 kW. If you want to integrate the Powerwall 3 into the home electricity grid, you must purchase the Backup Gateway 2.

Sporty price

If you are interested in the Powerwall 3, you will need to contact a local installer. However, you also have to consider the terrible price. According to our colleagues at, Tesla charges just under 7,200 euros for its storage system. Because the price is shown without VAT, according to Adam Riese we can assume a final price of just under 8,568 euros. The Backup Gateway 2, which will probably be indispensable for many users, will cost an additional 1,000 euros.