Five arrested during late night ‘car rally’ in Methuen – NBC Boston

Five arrested during late night ‘car rally’ in Methuen – NBC Boston

A handful of people were arrested late Sunday night at a “car rally” in Methuen, Massachusetts, less than 24 hours after gunfire erupted at a large pop-up party at an industrial park in the city, injuring at least seven people.

Methuen police said officers responded to an area in the Broadway sector for a report of loud music and a possible car rally in progress around 11:15 p.m. Once on scene, officers discovered that five cars had gathered, three of which had large speakers. them.

Five people between the ages of 17 and 24 were arrested and charged with trespassing. The boy was released to his mother after being booked into the Methuen Police Department, police said, noting that names, photos and other specific details are being withheld.

The location of the car rally is private property, according to police, and several “No Trespassing” signs have been posted around the property. All vehicles have been towed from the building.

The arrests were part of the department’s #HarmReduction campaign and police say they are committed to cracking down on motor vehicle violations.

“Methuen has a zero-tolerance policy for this type of activity, especially in light of the incident that occurred less than 24 hours earlier and involved hundreds of attendees,” police said in a statement, adding that they do not believe these individuals are involved in the incident that took place in the city earlier on Sunday.

Multiple people were shot and wounded when gunfire broke out at a large gathering in Methuen, Massachusetts, early Sunday morning. Follow NBC10 Boston on… Instagram: TikTok: Facebook:

Earlier Sunday, officials said hundreds of people gathered near 100 Lindberg Avenue for a “pop-up party” or “car club meeting” organized through social media.

Shots rang out just before 2 a.m., wounding seven people, two of whom were in critical condition, Essex County District Attorney Paul Tucker said. He noted that it’s incredible that more people weren’t injured or killed given the amount of ballistic evidence they found. An eighth person was injured while trying to flee the scene. The victims ranged in age from 17 to 23 years old.

Tucker said they are actively pursuing all leads in this case, which has been part of many series of Snapchat events on social media where people meet.

Methuen Police Chief Scott McNamara said authorities had been monitoring other “hot spots” where such gatherings typically take place, but Sunday’s attack took place at a new location and was the first to turn violent.

“Usually these gatherings consist of very loud music, disorderly conduct and sometimes drinking,” he said. “We try to take action where possible to discourage this, and in that respect we have been quite successful. Unfortunately, we experienced a tragic incident here in Methuen last night.”

The police do not want to comment on the suspect, but say they have several clues. No weapons were recovered.

Authorities are hopeful that surveillance video at the scene will give them answers. They ask all partygoers who have video to report. Anyone with information is also urged to contact Methuen police.