Transforming employment with Supportive Technologies

What is EmployerConnect?

  • EmployerConnect is a solution from Distinctability designed specifically for employers.
  • It helps you analyse and prepare for the introduction of assistive technologies in both the short term and the long term.
  • Your organization and your teams will be prepared for supporting and developing neurodiverse employees and those with wider hidden disabilities.
  • You will also be fully capable of providing for existing staff and those with mental health support needs.

How does EmployerConnect do this?

  • Our experts will with you o the working contexts and roles and create your working document with advice and recommendations.
  • You then receive permanent access to recommended technology solutions, and to a personalized library of more technology resources & materials for new or existing employees.  All geared to your needs.
  • We assist and train your teams with implementation & support.
  • Importantly, we guide and advise, and you make the decisions.
  • EmployerConnect helps futureproof and prepare you for a more inclusive workforce strategy, for the benefit of all….
  • Your organization : your teams : your new employees


Innovative, Transformative and Energizing.

What is expected of the employer?

A little bit of your time.

As an Employer,
what are the benefits?

Understand how to incorporate support technologies that enhance your recruitment and skills challenges

Help accelerate the change to a more inclusive culture for your organization

Support existing employees who may have or develop disabilities, or require other disability or mental health support needs.


Become a more truly inclusive employer FASTER with


We are so excited to have been the first pilot organization for EmployerConnect here in Ontario for Distinctability.  The service offers us as employers expert advice and information to create lasting change for our teams, and the increased knowledge will help us all to create a more inclusive supported workforce for employers across the region.

An awareness of the appropriate technologies that are available, enables us to both further support individuals and transform our support models and capacity.

Haris Blentic – Executive Director Project Work: Toronto

The cycle of support

What happens and what you get

Contact us today to find out more about how EmployerConnect can benefit you.

EmployerConnect Pilot Partner in Ontario 

Supported and Funded by The Harry E. Foster Foundation 


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