Leading Inclusively Through Supportive Technology

What is EmployerConnect?

  • EmployerConnect works alongside employers to help you make adjustments to your workplace for a person or group of people with unique requirements as a result of a characteristic protected under the Canadian Charter of Human Rights.

How does EmployerConnect do this?

  • Our experts will help guide your assistive technology decisions by providing you with options and recommendations. You will choose the right workplace accommodation(s) for existing and future employees, even if you currently do not have employees who require an accommodation.


Innovative, Transformative and Energizing.

What is expected of the employer?

A little bit of your time.

As an Employer,
what are the benefits?

Enhances the work experience for all employees;

Gives your HR Recruitment Strategy a competitive advantage by expanding your talent pool to include persons with disabilities;

Increases productivity; and

Supports existing employees who may acquire or develop disabilities over time.

The right support means everyone can have a positive and productive work experience!

We are so excited to have developed the first EmployerConnect initiative with our partner Distinctability.  The service offers employers expert advice and information to create lasting change for all those involved.

Haris Blentic – Executive Director Project Work: Toronto

The cycle of support

What happens and what you get

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EmployerConnect is a Partnership between

Supported and Funded by The Harry E. Foster Foundation 


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